The Best Ways to Lose Weight According to Your Body Type
The Best Ways to Lose Weight According to Your Body Type
The Best Ways to Lose Weight According to Your Body Type

You have a specific type of weight loss goal and have been hitting the gym every day and eating right, but you are seeing little to no results and are wondering why? You’ve read all the health and fitness blogs, picked the perfect diet plan, and are following them to a T so what is going on? You probably aren’t exercising and dieting for your body type. We all have different genetically pre-dispositioned body types that need different forms of exercises and diets to keep us in optimal health. There are three different body types, ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic. Your body will fall into one of those three, and you will have to exercise and eat that best suits your body if you want to lose weight. Here’s how.


Individuals with ectomorphic body shapes are tall and slender with longer limbs. They are most likely to have a higher metabolism which makes them lose weight quickly. People with this body type can often eat a lot of food and not gain any or very little weight, it is also difficult for them to gain muscle mass. While from the outside they may look slim and healthy, what they eat can still have an impact on how their body functions and they may have extra fat on their body that you can’t see. If you fall into this category your diet should consist of four meals a day of moderate protein (25-30 grams), good quality carbs and fats. On days where you skip working out, you won’t have to eat a pre-workout snack. If you eat a heavier afternoon snack make sure to keep your evening meal lighter.

Exercise Tips: If your goal is to build muscle mass or strength, focus on power and resistance training exercises. 


Unlike ectomorphs, individuals with a mesomorphic body type tend to find it easy to build muscle mass. They have long torsos and short limbs and have an athletic build. Mesomorphic bodies do great with power and speed exercises. If you want to maximize your body type eat a diet rich in good quality fats, good carbohydrates, and protein. On days where you’re not going to the gym you can skip your pre-workout snacks or shakes and eat 3 regular meals a day and one snack before dinner. 

Exercise Tips: Mesomorphs do great with polymetric and HIIT exercises.


Endomorphic body shapes are usually rounder, softer, and tend to store fat easily. They tend to be fuller and curvier and many endomorphs may find it discouraging that it’s difficult to lose weight. Don’t be discouraged, while it is more difficult for you to lose weight, it isn’t impossible. Just a few simple tweaks can help you maintain and lose weight. Your diet should consist of good quality fats, proteins, and limited amount of carbohydrates. This will not only help you lose weight, but will also help control blood sugar. On days where you’re not exercising skip your pre workout snacks. For breakfast eat a healthy and nutritious meal, and your mid-afternoon snacks should be tailored to your appetite.

Since endomorphs tend to store fat easily, adding different ways to exercise will have to be a big part of your life. But don’t worry, it doesn’t always have to be a major production. Simple things like taking the stairs over the elevator, or parking your car further away from a destination can keep your body on the move. If you’re home try to incorporate squats throughout the day, or turn up some music and dance.

Exercise Tips: Endomorphs should focus on doing HIIT, cross fit, and weight training exercise. Moderate amounts of endurance training can also be added.