5 Ways Painful Bloating is Triggered
5 Ways Painful Bloating is Triggered
5 Ways Painful Bloating is Triggered

Bloating isn’t new to anyone but what exactly is it?


It’s when gas fills your digestive tract causing your stomach to swell like a balloon.


It also causes painful abdominal cramps. Most reasons are usually linked to digestive issues. Being aware of these 5 triggers will help you keep it to a minimum:


  1. Eating too quickly causes you to swallow pieces of food too big for your digestive system to break down. Chewing your food is the first step in digestion and it breaks down as it mixes with saliva… which is why you gotta chew your food thoroughly and dodge a bloating bullet!


  1. Overeating makes your organs work harder to digest your food. It also causes hydrochloric acid to get backed up causing heartburn. That undigested food ends up getting stored and stuck in your colon.


            That waste causes bloating, brain fog, poor sleep and slow metabolism.


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Eat until you’re full, not falling asleep at the table …LOL


  1. Maybe your stomach is tryin’ to tell you something sis…If your stomach bloats as a reaction to you eating something multiple times it’s trying to tell you that it doesn’t digest that well.


Becoming aware of how you feel before and after eating and using the process of elimination will help you pinpoint exactly what's causing the bloating.


It could be your favorite snack, some bad shrimp…or maybe you have a sensitivity to a certain type of food like dairy?


Maybe it’s high in sugar or high in sodium. Is it processed? These foods cause the body to retain water so it can dilute the salt and sugars. The best way to get rid of bloating from water retention is by drinking more water.


  1. Are you pairing your foods properly?

Certain foods have to be paired together for optimized digestion which is why some meals may sit on your stomach longer than others.


Example: Mixing sweet potatoes and legumes together can cause bloating and indigestion.


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  1. Drinking alcohol can irritate your digestive system and cause inflammation, swelling and bloating. The effects get worse as sugar, and carbonated drinks are added to the mix. 


That’s why it's important to be well hydrated when planning to consume alcohol! The last thing you need is bloating turning into a trip to the hospital so get lots of water to avoid unnecessary bloating.


Being able to identify the cause of the bloating is the first step in learning to combat it and prevent it from happening.


Taking control over bloating now can lead to nausea, gaining excess fat and increased chances of indigestion so make sure you’re speaking with a doctor or a dietitian about decreasing those chances more and more.


Your waist can’t get snatched if you’re bloated. It's the only cause of any uncomfortability when it comes to wearing your snatcher! So before you put it on make sure your stomach doesn't feel tight and swollen and you’re good #SNATCH.


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