A Quick Guide to Food Pairings for Beginners
A Quick Guide to Food Pairings for Beginners
A Quick Guide to Food Pairings for Beginners

It’s time to go deeper sis…You’ve been getting in the gym, drinking your water and eating as clean as you can…so how come you’re still experiencing painful indigestion?


Indigestion is caused by a number of things including:


  • Overeating
  • Not chewing your food enough
  • Sensitivity to different foods (diary, meat, processed foods etc)


AND improper food pairings!! (Still not sure how to identify other reasons for bloating and indigestion? Click Here!)


Improper food pairings cause just as much indigestion as food sensitivities.


Why? Because the body can only break down certain food pairings. 


Here’s a quick guide to pairing your food for beginners:


NEVER mix:


  • Proteins (meat, nuts, legumes etc) with starch (potatoes, bread etc).
  • Sweet fruits (bananas, raisins, etc) with acid fruits (strawberries, pineapples, etc.)
  • Proteins with fats & oils.
  • Fruits with vegetables.


OR dairy with fruit…


If you pair milk with any plants it can upset your stomach. Why? The milk will take longer to digest than the fruit will….keep this in mind the next time you go to make a smoothie! (use water instead for easy and quick digestion)


Eat fruit alone and wait about 30 minutes before moving on to the next food group. After a meal, wait 3 hours to change food groups to allow for proper digestion.


The key to food pairing is looking at the pH levels of food (acidic, sub acidic and non acidic) and how long it takes to digest the food.


It all has to align with each other if not the food can spoil in your stomach, get stored as excess fat, waste and cause bloating.


This takes the self control and awareness you’re building to a whole new level.


The more aware you become of yourself and what your body needs the better you feel and the less room there is for mistakes that can lead to painful bloating. AND the closer you’ll get to a snatched waist!


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