Get a Waist Training and Fitness Accountability Partner
Get a Waist Training and Fitness Accountability Partner
Get a Waist Training and Fitness Accountability Partner

Friends that get fit together stay together, or so the saying goes. But it is proven that having a friend who’s your accountability partner will help you stay focused and motivated during your fitness journey. So why not get a friend, or two, start waist training with? Having a friend on your waist training journey has a lot of benefits.

Why You Should Get an Accountability Partner

We always get fired up in the beginning eating right, going to the gym, and wearing our waist trainers for the recommended 8 hours a day but then somewhere along the way life happens and we can’t make it to the gym, we get home late from work and instead of eating healthy we order takeout. What turns into one cheat day turns into a two, then three, and before we know it we’ve lost all motivation. With an accountability partner this scenario is way less likely to happen. An accountability partner will support and encourage you on your waist training journey, and they will keep you motivated to reach your goals. 

Your Accountability Partner Should Waist Train With You

Grab a friend that will waist train with you. Start your health journey together and keep each other motivated. Create a gym schedule together and plan when you can go workout together. Share healthy recipes, and meal prep ideas. Having a friend who is on this journey with you can also create some healthy competition. You can both record your progress and see who has lost the most weight. You can also have competition or bet who will lose the most in a given time, and whoever loses gets to buy the other person lunch. Make waist training and staying fit fun. 

How to Choose an Accountability Partner

Finding an accountability partner doesn’t have to be hard. Often people think that this partner has to live close by, but with modern day technology this doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of online accountability groups, you can also ask a friend or family member who lives out of town to be your partnered. As long as this is a person who you know will be honest with you. You want your accountability partner to be someone who will not allow you to make excuses for not wearing your waist trainer or skipping your workouts.

How to Start Your Waist Training and Fitness Accountability

Set Clear Goals

The first step in setting up your waist training and fitness accountability is to set clear goals that both you and your partner can agree on. These goals should include long- and short-term goals. Also, make sure to set up a simple schedule or time both of you can check up on each other.

Set Consequences and Rewards

Like previously mentioned, you can have a little competition with and have rewards and consequences for completing goals. This will make reaching your goals a lot more fun.

Get Started 

Now that you know the benefits of having an accountability partner. It's time to start your health journey, remember to be honest with each other and most of all have fun.