Go The Extra Mile Without Burning Out
Go The Extra Mile Without Burning Out
Go The Extra Mile Without Burning Out

You could run a marathon if you thought it was easy. No, I’m not asking you to skip taking the extra mile and run the whole race…  

But I am here to remind you that going the extra mile is a mindset! Going the extra mile looks like:  

Trainer says, “LAST REP” You do an extra. 

Your timer goes off for your run? Do an extra minute.  

Sticking to a diet? Pack a healthy snack to avoid vending machines! 


There are so many different ways you can take the extra mile and when you do so you are strengthening and practicing a mindset called DISCIPLINE. 

Discipline is what wins the race and after enough consistency it becomes second nature…. 

But don’t let taking an extra step towards your goals make you overwhelmed or gassed out. Take baby steps! 


First, you have to be willing! 

A major key to being able to go the extra mile is being dedicated to improvement. Set daily goals to be better than you were yesterday. If you use that as a general rule of thumb.  

You CAN’T lose! Why? Because there’s always room to improve and it doesn’t have to be fitness related to be a positive change.  


Don’t tell yourself it’s too hard! 

Anytime you go into something thinking it’s hard...it gets harder...and staying disciplined when you think something is hard is not it.  

You HAVE to tell yourself that you can do it! Affirm: “I am capable of taking an extra step towards making my goals a reality and it is easy!” 

Remember reaching your goals doesn’t happen overnight and you’re not expected to be perfect whatsoever. Take some pressure off yourself so you can enjoy your transformation.  

It’s only going to be as hard as you make it! Challenge yourself but don’t get upset if you don’t go the extra mile the way you planned.  

GIve yourself credit where it's due! 


Ways to go the extra mile? 

  • Wake up an hour early to get your mind right, food prep together, etc. 
  • Start off the day empowering yourself in the mirror with affirmations.  
  • Pack a healthy snack to keep you away from the junk in the vending machine.  

This isn’t just going the extra mile, it's setting yourself up for success!  

Encourage yourself to create small habits like these and they will take you a LONG way in your journey! 


Here’s this week’s Extra Mile Day Challenge! 

Go the extra mile by walking or jogging a mile this week wearing your favorite waist snatcher! 

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