Different Waist Trainers for All Your Needs
Different Waist Trainers for All Your Needs
Different Waist Trainers for All Your Needs

So you’ve finally decided that you want to start your waist training journey. But with all of the different trainers to choose from, where do you even begin? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered and will help you find the perfect waist trainer for all of your waist training needs. We’ll break down each specific trainer’s features and details so that you can pick the one that is right for you.


The Waist Snatchers 

The Waist Snatcher is our original waist trainer and is perfect for everyday waist training. It features maximum compression shaping, flexiboning, and front hook and eye closures. It instantly reduces your waist by 1 to 4 inches while you wear it and gives your body the perfect hourglass shape. We love recommending it to our new mamas because it’s the perfect postpartum shaper. To see maximum results we suggest that you wear this one about 8-10 hours a day for 30 days.


So how does this waist trainer work you might wonder? When The Waist Trainer is consistently worn, as recommended, it will give you:


  • Visible reduction of the waistline
  • Firmer midsection
  • Reduced back pain


Tummy Tamer 

Now let me tell you about our Tummy Tamer. This waist trainer is perfect for those of us who want to use it while we’re out and about. Wear it to work or out shopping. We call this waist trainer our undetectable shaper for a reason, as we’ve specifically designed it with hidden hook and eye, and latex layer. You can wear this trainer under your everyday clothes, and nobody will even notice. This waist trainer is made for those of us with long torsos and will give you full coverage no matter what you do. Plus, we’ve added an extra zipper for easy closure.

As soon as you wear this waist trainer you’ll see an immediate reduction in your stomach, waist and back as it will instantly reduce your waist size by 1 to 4 inches. Another great benefit from wearing our Tummy Tamer is that it helps correct your posture, which some of our wearers have said helped reduce back pain. Just like with our other waist trainers we recommend that you wear it 8-10 hours a day to achieve maximum results.

Snatch Band 

If you love exercising as much as we do then the Snatch Band is the waist trainer for you. This unisex band is one of our workout trainers that also doubles as a postpartum belt and we absolutely love it. The straps with their adjustable Velcro closures can adjust to your workout intensity level and help conform to your stomach so that the trainer won’t slip while you’re doing your squats or lifting weights. We’ve also designed it with a stretchable outer band so that you can size it down as you lose weight and inches.  

The Snatch Band is a mid-coverage shaper and will help reduce belly fat and love handles, as well as help you tightening your core.

Snatch Band 2 

While our Snatch Band 2 is also part of our workout trainer family, this unisex waist trainer serves as a full workout vest with full bust, waist, and back coverage. Just like our Snatch Band, the Snatch Band 2 doubles as a postpartum belt and can adjust to your workout intensity level. It truly has everything that we love about the Snatch Band but provides full upper body coverage. Its stretchable outer bands can be sized down as you lose weight and inches.

The Snatch Band 2 is made out of 100% latex-free neoprene to increase thermal activity.  

Double Band 

Our Double Band is a workout shaper that also gives you full coverage that help tighten your core and reduces belly fat and love handles. With continuous use it will mobilize your fat cells to give you a firmer midsection and give you a visible reduction of the waistline. As you lose weight its stretchable outer band can be sized down to fit around your torso perfectly.

What size do I need?

Now that you’ve learned all about our different waist trainers, you probably want to know what size is best for you. Our garments are equivalent to actual waist size.  If you are between sizes we recommend that you select the bigger size because of the tight fit.  example: “I sometimes wear a medium/large” You should go with a size large!