3 Secrets to Avoid Self Sabotage
3 Secrets to Avoid Self Sabotage
3 Secrets to Avoid Self Sabotage

You are your own worst enemy.  


Which is why self-sabotage is always lurking in the background ready to creep up on you when you’ve finally received the blessings you’ve been asking for...preventing you from achieving any kind of achievement whether it be a loving relationship, career goals, education, etc. 


What is self sabotage? It’s experiencing behaviors and attitudes that don’t align with your values and goals which aids your overall defeat.  


It can show up as: 

  • Negative Self Talk
  • Procrastination or Avoidance
  • Conflicts within yourself and/or with others  


All of which are driven by fear and anxiety. 


So how do you jump on self-sabotage before it jumps you? Use these 3 simple practices below to start eliminating self-sabotage today!   


1. Practice Self Awareness  

Also known as mindfulness...being self-aware is a major key to eliminating self-sabotage. One of the best ways to become aware of your thoughts and actions is to reflect by journaling. 


Questions to ask yourself:  

How do I feel about the goal I’m working towards? (the positive and negative thought 

What are things I want to do but I know will cause me to stray from my goals? 

How can I work through those urges? 


Becoming mindful helps you avoid the pitfalls we all struggle with when it comes to reaching your goals. 


2. Look before leaping. 


Before acting on your impulses or the things you want to do you MUST think about what's going to happen after, FIRST.  


The key to all of this is making sure that you’re not causing yourself pain based on your actions. STOP in the moment and ask yourself what are the possible outcomes of your actions.  


What does the future look like after you make those decisions? 

If it’s mostly consequences then it’s not a good idea.  


You are the only person you have control over so you have to make sure that your decisions don’t interfere with your goals! 


For example if you know there’s someone in your life that you enjoy being around but their own bad habits are going to cause you to fall back into your own bad habits then it’s okay to love that person from afar so you stay on track! 


Do what needs to be done. You got this! 


3. Be nice and practice patience and with yourself by practicing positive self-talk!


    You have to be your own cheerleader!  


    When you realize you’re having a negative thought you have to cancel it out by speaking the positive truth. As you continue to grow and learn yourself one of the things you have to release is negative self-talk.  


    BUT what does that look like? 


    Here’s a thought I’ve had after cheating and eating a sugary snack before my cheat day.  


    I’m so stupid! Ugh! I hate myself. Why couldn’t I just wait?  


    This is how I CANCEL it out. 


    “I’m not stupid. I love myself. I’m doing a great job. Sugar is literally an addicting drug. What’s important is that I’m going to keep moving forward no matter what!” 


    It takes practice but doing this aids positive self-talk, self-love and self-improvement! 


    So instead of looking in the mirror and letting negative thoughts roam, grab your waist snatcher like our new Neo Band and start canceling negative thoughts with…Girl, you lookin’ finer every day! That's positive self-talk!  


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